Monday, 1 December 2008

New web site ... at last !

After what seems an eternity our new web site was finally published today - hooray !

Although we have been in business for more than 20 years we have only had a web presence for about 10 years. Over this period we have had 3 prior versions of our web site - each one improving on the one before.

But this new version is amazing. It contains the most comprehensive volume of information on the local property marketplace ever produced. So, no matter whether you are buyer, a seller, a tenant or a property investor you'll find lots and lots of interesting stuff on just about any subject.

Our web site at is the centrepiece of a suite of web sites designed to create a genuine "one-stop-shop" for our clients and for visitors.

Additional sites include which is a site specifically designed to describe and highlight our property selling services.

In the same light, is a dedicated property management site providing a complete description of every aspect of our residential property management service.

When you visit our site you’ll also be treated to a wide variety of FREE downloadable booklets on range of property issues – most offering tips, shortcuts and money-saving ideas for anyone hoping to buy, sell or rent property in the local area.

Because our new site is so extensive I’ve had some difficulty checking each page and reading every word. So, If you can find a mistake on any page (except suburb statistics which I haven’t yet finished) you’re welcome to post the details on this site and I’ll be happy to supply you with a lottery ticket for your trouble.

I’d also appreciate your feedback on the look and content of the site.

Best regards, Michael