Monday, 23 March 2015

Yes, it finally happened! Prudential pays out on guarantee.

When we introduced our Guaranteed Property Management Service last year we were very confident. 

After all, we had worked very hard to produce a service that was second-to-none, substantially better than any of our competitors and one that would ensure a new standard of satisfaction for our landlord clients.

We were so sure we guaranteed our performance - we offered to pay if our service fell short of expectations.This was a  first for any real estate agent in Sydney.  

So, I guess it was inevitable that eventually something would go wrong, and it did. 

Fortunately for our clients, Bernadette and Simon, pictured below, they were protected by our guaranteed service and didn't lose a cent. In addition, they now have a wonderful tenant, paying their rent on time and looking after their property investment as if it were their own. They can also sleep well at night knowing our guaranteed service will protect them in the future as their investment grows.

You can find out more about our Guaranteed Property Management Service on our website - click here.

Why did we publish this story? Our guarantees appear too good to be true. In fact, several people doubted we would pay even if there was a claim, thinking our guarantees were some sort of elaborate trick. So we thought it would be a good thing to prove that occasionally we do not reach the high standards we set for ourselves (we're only human, after all) But when this happens our clients do not lose - and we have to pay out on our guarantees