Monday, 5 November 2012

Supporting the Macarthur Winter Sleepout

While it feels as though it was only yesterday our team here at Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown slept out in the cold, it has been two months. Two months of sleeping back in our homes and warm beds – unfortunately not everyone has this luxury, and this is why we are continually supporting efforts to help homelessness in our area. 
The Macarthur Homelessness Steering Committee organised the event and is formed by representatives from service providers who work with the city’s homeless population. One Cathy Chopping heads the organisation and her amazing work has helped fight homelessness tremendously.

As part of our ongoing support process, our very own Josephine O’Sullivan and Matthew Adami were invited to a morning tea hosted by Cathy Chopping and her wonderful team. During the event, issues such as homelessness in Macarthur were discussed in detail. Plans for the future were also covered and recognition for all sponsors was achieved through an award ceremony enjoyed by all.

Raising awareness, fund raising and preventing homelessness before it occurs are all vital in an effective plan to one day resolve the issue. The Macarthur Winter Sleepout will be an annual event and we hope it gathers momentum and grows larger with each year that passes.

Josephine O'Sullivan (left) along-side Cathy Chopping (right).