Friday, 26 August 2011

Is the property market "weak" at the moment?

Going by all reports you read in the papers and online you would think the property market was weak at the moment with prices falling and buyers few and far between.

Unfortunately, these reports are concerned with the Sydney market, not the Campbelltown market.

Is there a difference, I hear you say? Yes, there is!

Campbelltown is located 55 kilometres from Sydney and has a completely different buyer profile from that of Sydney. Buyers who might consider buying in Sydney would not think of buying in Campbelltown and vice versa.

And right now the market in Campbelltown is very healthy. Sales prices may not be increasing dramatically but sales are occurring every day. For example, May and July of this year have been record months for our office - and these things do not happen when the market is weak.

A property listed for sale today with Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown can expect to be sold in 26 days (our current average sale time).

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