Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bring warmth into your home this winter with Interior Stylist, Melody O’Sullivan

We sat down with our guest Interior Stylist, Melody O’Sullivan to get the low-down on this season’s latest trends...

Q. When it comes to winter styling, 2015, what interior style ideas are we seeing this season?

A.The Scandinavian look is still strong with its light timbers and clean lines. Mixing materials is also trending this winter. Combining raw woods, concrete, marble finishes and copper accents from homewares and light fittings creates textures and takes influences from the industrial style, which continues to trend. We are still seeing geometric patterns but in softer tones and soft grey is a trending colour this season.

Q. What style essential should homeowners be reviving this winter?

A. Indoor plants have made a real comeback. People love having plants inside their homes as it can be calming and also cleans the air. Indoor plants are an easy and inexpensive way to bring colour and texture into your home. Look for cheap and easy care indoor plants such as Snake plants, Fiddle-Leaf Fig or succulents which come in a range of shapes, colours and sizes.

Q. How can our readers add a sense of warmth to their home this winter?

A. Layering and texture is key to create a cosy winter home. You can create this by combining different materials such as wood, concrete finishes, faux furs, leathers and wool. Chunky knit throws, sleek copper homewares and warm timber help to create texture and work within a warm or cool colour pallet. Rugs are always a very effective way to draw a space together and make it feel warm and cosy.

Q. What is your advice to homeowners when introducing a new colour scheme?

A. It’s important to determine whether your room is cool or warm toned. Look at the big pieces in your room such as flooring, wall colour and lounge to determine this- Do they have a rich or golden, red undertones or do they feature cool tones of blue and green.
Warm colours can make a large space cosy, whilst cool colours can open up a space, making it feel light and airy.

Once you have determined your home's’ tone you can select a colour pallet that will compliment.
The best way to introduce a new colour is through homewares. Adding a rug will instantly change the look of a room and you can always have existing furniture reupholstered to match the new scheme. Look at introducing different textures and patterns to further explore the new scheme. Block colours and flat surfaces can make a space look boring.

Q. When it comes to style on a budget, what three tips do you have for our readers who are considering putting their home on the market?

A.You want potential buyers to project themselves and their style into your home. Although you may love your own style- some buyers may not and this could create a distraction from the property itself. These 3 tips will cost next to nothing and will leave you with a space that is desirable to buyers;

  1. Clear and clean- Remove extra junk from rooms and store it. Put kids toys in storage tubs, de-clutter surfaces (even if it means putting away your favourite ornaments) and open curtains or blinds so your home is lit with natural light. Burning a fragrant candle or oil will also make your home smell clean and inviting.

  1. Always have your home furnished- This actually makes the space look bigger and helps the new buyer mentally plan where their furniture will go. You may look to seek the service of an interior decorator who can hire furniture or work with existing pieces to style the space.

  1. It’s all about Neutrals- Neutrals done well is never boring. Neutral colours are never offensive and will help make a space look modern, clean and bigger than what it is. Neutral colours also help the potential buyer to look through the decoration and imagine their own.

Melody.jpgAbout Melody…
Q. Where do you draw your design inspiration from?

A. I draw my inspiration from many places, such as; social media, magazines, restaurants, shopping centres and public spaces. There is so much great design around- you don’t have to go very far to see it. I always look thoroughly at the space I am in to see how the lighting, layout, textures and colour scheme make me feel.

Q.Why are you passionate about interior styling?

A. I enjoy being indoors and relaxing in a space that is calm, cosy and inviting, so naturally I am passionate about interior styling. I love how an interior space can affect your mood so much and how changing it now and then can make your home feel like a new space. I love being able to create a comfortable and functional space that my clients are able to enjoy.

Q. How can we find out more about your interior styling tips for this season?

A. I offer a range of services including full interior styling, colour consulting, personal shopping, product sourcing and commercial property styling. If readers would like assistance with interior styling for their property, they can contact me at:

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