Monday, 13 February 2017

How to keep your pets cool this Summer

Image result for dog eating an ice blockSummer 2017 has been an absolute scorcher with the mercury hitting above 45 degrees across the Macarthur most days. At this time of year it is important to remember our furry and feathered friends!

What you should know about heat stress/heat stroke?

Heat stress and heat stroke can be life threatening to your furry friends and it can strike quickly in the right conditions. Personally, a friend of mine recently lost one of her beloved pooches to heat stroke when he got lost on their property and could not find his way back to shelter and fresh water. This is a sad reality so please be mindful that because dogs only perspire from around their nose and paws they are susceptible to overheating.

It is also important to understand that just because your pet has fur doesn’t mean they don’t burn. Providing adequate shade and shelter for your pet is vital. Ensure to also apply sunscreen regularly to dogs with white fur as they are vulnerable to melanoma cancer through excessive sunlight on their skin.

Other ways to reduce your pet’s risk of heat stroke is by making sure they have access to:

  • Good ventilation so they don’t overheat (i.e. cool floors and an overhead fan),
  • Plenty of fresh, cool water to drink so they stay hydrated. Make sure to put out more than one bowl in case they get knocked over,
  • Avoid physical activities like games and walks around 12.00pm as this is the hottest part of the day- take a stroll in the early morning or late afternoon instead, and
  • Never...I mean NEVER leave your pet in a confined space like a kennel or car on a hot day.

Pool Safety Matters

Pool safety is not a joke when it comes to your pets safety in your backyard. Be wary of any potential dangers and ensure that your pool fence meets Australian standards as dogs can drown if they fall into a swimming pool and can’t find their way out.

It’s not just our beloved canines we have to think about, but also our feline friends.
Cats feel the heat too so please keep your cat indoors during the day when you know it is going to be hot and draw the blinds and shut all the windows to keep out the heat.

Lastly...don’t forget about your pet’s health

With Summer at it’s peak more and more insects are out and about. This means you should ensure your pet’s flea and fly treatments are up to date.

Ticks are a life-threatening danger to both cats and dogs and their favourite season is summer so make sure to treat your pets for ticks and check your animals daily for any signs of them.

The deadly parvovirus ‘parvo’ is more common in summer, so make sure your dog (particularly if you own a Staffy) up to date with their vaccinations.

Investment in your pet’s health now can save a lot of heartbreak down the track!

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