Monday, 27 March 2017

3 ways to become a better morning person (that actually work!)

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Research shows that you are either a morning person or you are not. I am definitely NOT a morning person. However it can be easier to wake up earlier with a few simple steps to implement into your lifestyle (all things I have tried myself and they have helped!);

  1. Make a schedule around your bedtime routine.

Waking up early is not a matter of’s habit. A habit that can be made easier by getting the right amount of sleep.

I remember when I was getting up for a gym class at 4.30 am to be at the gym by 5:00 am and work out until 6:00 am. That was not a matter of willpower. I just did it out of habit, and I can tell you this habit became a lot harder if I hadn’t had a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

It’s best to set a schedule for when to wind down gradually throughout the evening to ensure you are prepped for a great night’s sleep. This involves turning off all technology well before going to bed as the blue light from such devices as televisions, iPad and mobile phones suppresses your melatonin making it impossible to press the mental ‘shutdown’ button and fall asleep.

My tip is to set alarms on your mobile phone to remind you when to start getting ready for bed. For example, if I were to wake up at 4.30am tomorrow morning, I would set the following schedule for myself;

7:30pm - Start getting ready for bed
8:00pm - Get in bed and read
8:30pm - Lights out.
4:30am - wake up refreshed after 8 hours sleep ready for my workout!

You might say, how did I start preparing for bed at 7:30 pm? Easy, when you stick to a routine it is easy to keep up good habits. My body and mind were ready for bed by 8:30 pm knowing I had to be up at 4:30 am the next morning and I had work a full day’s work on top of it all.

This schedule may only be required during the week if you want more out of your day. I personally let myself sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays, so don’t feel pressured to stick to a schedule everyday...I understand life gets in the way sometimes.

2. Stop hitting the snooze button.

I understand this is a big challenge as it is very difficult to leave a warm bed, when faced with an early wake up time.

But snoozing leads to interrupted sleep and it actually isn’t helping you feel more rested when you do wake up.

My tip is to leave your alarm clock or mobile phone on a bookshelf or table in your bedroom far enough away from the bed that you have to get up to turn that annoying buzzing off.

It has been recommended to me that choosing an alarm tone that makes you happy helps you rise easier. However as a deep sleeper I think it’s best to opt for an annoying ring tone that pierces through your soul to jolt you out of bed or I’m sleeping in until 11:00 am…

3. Lastly, do something positive and productive

Getting out of bed on the right foot can shape your entire day. That’s why early morning workouts are recommended by so many fitness gurus and motivational speakers.

Speaking from experience this may not be for you. So, some simpler suggestions are to read an uplifting news article, read a chapter of a book, listen to a podcast, writing down 3 goals for your day or even just enjoy a great cuppa or a hot breakfast.

The keys to making early mornings bearable is to make your morning something to look forward to.

It can be as easy as thinking positively about the dinner plans you have this evening, what you will be seeing at the movies tonight or the TV series you hope to watch when you arrive home from work...the little things do matter!

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