Monday, 11 May 2015

It’s time to LOCK IT IN!

With the recent repeat 0.25% interest rate cut, we were frightfully unaware of how ideal the time is for all homeowners to secure a better mortgage interest rate.

Luckily, Craig Corbett came to visit us this morning at our Prudential Real Estate, Campbelltown office to fill us in on this fantastic opportunity. Craig has highlighted to us that as the interest rate cycle is on a downward curve, an upward trend is imminent, making now the perfect time to lock in fixed rates.

Let’s be one likes to repay more to the banks than we have to. So, now at 2.0%, it is the best time to contact Craig to find out how you can partially or fully secure your interest rate at: 3.99 % fixed rate for 3 years or 4.39% fixed rate for 5 years. Mortgage repayments attribute a fair dent to the  household budget, so why not reassess your options today and lock in a better deal.

Please follow the following link to find out more about Craig Corbett’s partnered home loan services:

Craig is happy to provide you with guidance on the rate options available on:  0418 204 120.

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