Thursday, 21 May 2015

We've got a Heart!

Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be visited at our Prudential Real Estate Campbelltown by Katya Yatsenko, General Manager at Heart for the Homeless.
Heart for the Homeless is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes and facilitates the reuse and recycling of homeowners unwanted goods to those less fortunate. Registering your unwanted furniture and clothing for collection will see Heart for the Homeless contact you to assess the goods, organise a hassle-free pick-up time...and they will handle the rest!

Distributing the goods to charities to help fund crisis counselling, emergency housing and so much more, Heart for homeless is a helping hand for those in need.Click here to watch their “Story” video.

We interviewed Katya and here's what happened...

Shelby; Why are you passionate about Heart for the Homeless?

Katya; Heart for the Homeless initiative incorporates the common sense approach where instead of throwing away unused or unloved clothes and furniture people can easily donate these items to people in need and, hence, positively impact lives in their community.
It also encourages people to be kind to the environment.

Shelby;Tell us a little bit more about Heart for the Homeless...What does it involve?

Katya; The “It’s Your Move” initiative seeks to rescue and reclaim on average 15-50 kg of usable resources that would normally be thrown out each time a person moves home.
We aim to minimise waste and damage to the environment by connecting the real estate industry with Heart for the Homeless. This has been achieved through developing a web based technology where residents moving home can "register their move" and "make their move count".

Our system notifies a charity in the area to collect unwanted items and redistribute them to those in need or to help fund crisis counselling, emergency housing and so much more.
Please watch our 1-minute CardboardCity video that visually explains our concept.

Shelby; What are the core values at the heart of this not-for-profit organisation?

Katya; Our vision is to be a progressive and passionately efficient organisation, focused on influencing and empowering our community to be active in reducing poverty.
Unfortunately, when it comes to homelessness, there is no one single solution, that’s why we’re working on creating efficient programs and systems. If we can creatively connect the supplies to those in need, we believe, we could see thousands of lives positively impacted by the vision that is Heart for the Homeless.

Shelby; Prudential Real Estate is excited to become more involved in the promotion of our association with Heart for the Homeless, how can others get involved with the cause too?

Katya; Our initiative is a great opportunity for people to make a difference every time they move homes or just spring cleaning. Anyone can register for a free collection of their unwanted or unloved items at

Rather than throwing away unused or unloved clothes and furniture, we are encouraging all tenants and homeowners to think about donating their unwanted goods to someone less fortunate in the community, as well as being kind to the environment.

Shelby; Why is it important to give ‘heart’ to the homeless?

Katya; There are currently more than 100,000 people in Australia who are homeless. However, each day 11,000 Australians move house, discarding up to 50kg of usable resources during this process – that’s approximately 2,000,000 items straight to landfill each week.

Our initiative has an exciting blend of compassion and common sense with multi-faceted charitable advantages where donated items are redistributed to those in need, or used to generate funds to resource multiple aid and assistance programs on the ground.

Shelby; Thank you for coming out to speak to us today Katya.
We really appreciate it and look forward to developing our relationship with Heart for the Homeless.

At Prudential Real Estate we are proud to sponsor Heart for the Homeless to facilitate the collection of our clients’ unwanted goods to find a new home with those most in need. Our staff will be out and about spreading the word about this worthy cause as they reach out to the local community. So feel free to ask them how you can get involved in this initiative, or please find more at:

We also invite the community to participate alongside the Prudential Real Estate Team in the A Night Out in the Cold Macarthur this August. We’d love to see you there!

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